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We can meet all your communication needs

We have the expertise to effectively help you regardless of the size of your business. We offer you a single contact point, where our skilled specialists can speedily help with any service or technical requirements.



VoIP is a technology that allows users to make phone calls without having a regular fixed analogue phone line, since it happens over an Internet connection.

Take your office extension with you anywhere

Our technology includes VoIP apps for smartphones which allows you to take your office extension with you anywhere.


Answer calls to your office phone extension via your mobile device and transfer to colleagues without asking customers to call another number. Make sure you never miss a call again!

Employees can leverage one single number and make a professional impression.


Welcome incoming callers to your business with features like custom greetings, auto-attendant and automated directory. You may also record your own messages as follows:

  • Auto Attendant – Your PBX can play a recording prompting your customers what options they can enter such as “Welcome to Lintle Group; press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Technical Support or press 0 for the operator, etc.”
  • Take the opportunity to play marketing or announcements messages whenever a caller is placed on hold.
  • Customize how calls are managed during and after business hours.
  • Set after-hours rules to route calls to a home phone number, directly to voicemail, or elsewhere, or any number.