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We are able to integrate our biometric systems with any system that provides web services or APIs. Below is a list of some of the few systems we can integrate our biomtrics with nut not limited:
Vehicle Barrier

Vehicle access is limited to employees with access rights and can incorporate control for visitors.

Visitor Management

Visitors are registered on the system & are either assigned a visitors card, or have their fingers scanned for a biometric template. Visitors may only transact at assigned readers, or can be hosted by an employee. “Access Rights” expire at the end of a visit.

Turnstile Gates

Employees transact at the turnstile, where the biometric terminal / card reader confirms their identity, time zone validity and anti-pass-back status.

Canteen Meals

Monitor access to the canteen and limit the number of subsidised meals served to each employee, or use the technology for a cashless payment environment.