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SMART Board For Education

Technology Designed For Learning Outcomes-Enhance Students’ Learning Experience 

SMART developed the world’s first interactive whiteboard back in 1991 and has been the undisputed world market leader ever since.


Used in over 3 million classrooms globally, SMART Board® interactive displays are purpose-built to support teaching approaches that affect learning outcomes. We work with teachers and students worldwide to guide our award-winning product design. To ensure you get the most from your investment, we support you from planning and implementation to training and support.

As always, all SMART Board displays come with free learning software, our unparalleled collaborative experience, and unmatched quality, longevity and regulatory compliance giving you peace of mind that your investment will last for years to come.

Entry Level SMART White Boards

Displays to meet your needs and your budget

SMART Board 800 Series

SMART’s premiere interactive displays boost productivity and encourage collaboration using all sorts of devices. The most precise touch experience lets your team modify on-screen content with pens and fingertips.

SMART Board 600 Series

SMART’s most popular model speeds up decision-making. When remote teams are able to view, change and discuss documents as if they were in the same room, better decisions are made, faster.

(SMART Board 800 Series)

(SMART Board 600 Series)

SMART Interactive Boards

Our full range of SMART Board displays for education means you can choose what fits the needs of your teachers and students

SMART board 7000 Series


The most advanced SMART Board unrivalled collaborative features designed for any teaching or learning style.


SMART board 6000 Series


The most popular SMART Board with innovative features for walk up and use simplicity loved by millions of teachers.


SMART Board MX Series


The essential SMART Board with all the interactive tools educators need at a great value. Designed and built to last.


(SMART Interactive Boards)


Add-ons which can interact with our SMART Boards.

SMART Podium

The SMART Podium is used in conjunction with the interactive smartboard, It enables instructors to write and highlight notes on the smartboard during presentations and lessons with a cordless pen on the Smart Podium 24″ touch screen. By facing the audience while projecting to a large display.

SMART Document Camera 550

SMART Document Camera – With wireless and cordless mobility. Teachers can show live images/objects, documents and videos to display to the interactive SMART Board®.The camera also comes with a microscope adapter, so teachers can show tiny things really big on their SMART Boards.

(SMART Podium)